Best Ways To Earn Free Gems In Castle Clash

Surely you are also one of them, tired of getting mana gold & really low treasures? And you will find thousands of gamer fed up with logging on their own account and finding out these super low stats. One hoping to improve something or increase the levels of characters in order to make them better or to buy anything to produce fortress and hive higher rank must fight increasingly.

One can expect a fully free program that can provide help in creating one’s adventure conflict ranking and free silver treasures & mana. In case you are not using this resource now surely you gonna find yourself behind from some other participants who are using this software from long ago and they are now in this top list. Go through the article & get the knowledge of all that total capabilities with this advanced software.

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How to Get Free Gems in Castle Clash

Adventure clash is popular as a strategy game offering war experience with empire location. In this game, you need to hire knight & hero for directing your troops. Hero is the primary and most important power of the game. You must hire the powerful hero for 2 main reasons. One is to enhance your castle and second one is for guiding the troops to attack enemies’ castle.

Adventure Battle game is a widely popular time strategy game. It is manufactured by IGG. It is a very interesting and addictive game for those who enjoys playing android games. You will find many different characters in this game making it more interesting and different from others.

There are Heroes, Various Army, Industry, Below be Heroes Trial, beast, Dungeon, Raid, Expedition making this game very interesting. May program is another reason that makes this game different from other strategy games. Which means you may also have high May in this game, you ought to have advanced level building. We highly recommend you to try this game on your own and experience the reason behind its popularity.


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1- Complete Achievements.

  • Completing those achievements won’t give you a large number of gems and it is also a very slow process. They are able to compensate up at any given time to 5 to 10 gems. To get more you need such success again and again. State your treasures after completing these results.
  • One easy way you can complete to get 20 gems each day by obtaining a needed amount of mana and silver within a raid. You will be honored 10 jewels, and another 10 gems once you finish the one for mana once you acquire the best amount. At last once a day you can complete some of these results.
  • Fighting 10 times in the arena. Touch the market on your own base and fight five times. Once your battle chances are restored fight with five times again and declare the prize. Though it will only provide you with 5 treasures. It is possible to do once a day. Redoing all these success can be done every day.
  • Joining every day will provide you 5 more gems every single day. You’ll have to declare it yourself.

2- Complete more advanced achievements

  • Can you see an advertising with a trumpet onto it at the end left corner? Touch it. A list of achievements will appear. Each accomplishment has 3 successes in one. For an example, if there was a target to steal 20,000 gold that achievement has been accomplished, it will be replaced with something other target for achieving such as steal 100000000 gold. It will be done by this three times.
  • Select an achievement that’s lots of gems to get a prize. Some results will have over atleast 300 treasures as a prize. Loging in for ninety days in the game will help you earn 650 treasures.
  • Target for completing that success as much as possible. The more you try and finish it, the better progress you’ll make to perform the success.

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[Method 2 ] Doing HBD (Here Be Demons)

1- First portal and tap the first icon- Select the level of HBD you’d prefer to do. Here Be Challenges is meant to be you defending your bottom from a specific variety of the exact same people fighting you. It is different from HBM you get a few incentives and since this time there is just one trend. In those advantages, you may get a chance of winning gems.

2- Choose your level- If you’d like an improved chance of earning gems, choose Level 10, 11, or 12. Level 12 might give you a better chance of gems because it may be the past, along with the toughest stage. You might get up to 36 jewels or even more, if you get.

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3- Make sure you have strong heroes- HBD requires large expertise and high leveled people. The newest update for Castle Conflict now allows your hero to get to level 200. If your personalities are 180, level them up and earn enough XP to win. You can win with level 180 personalities, however, you might not get gems this way.

4- Level up your hero- Skill levels that they have better talent abilities to defend with. You’ve to own fast personalities that may destroy the enemies, to obtain treasures. If it takes quite a bit of time, or you eliminate nearly all of your characters (also losing the majority of your HP), you will get honer badges instead. Unless you win the entire level you will not get honer badges or jewels.


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